Proceedings of the Sixteenth Symposium on Explosives and Pyrotechnics, Essington, PA, April 1997.

m+ks Analysis of Various Threshold Tests

Barry T. Neyer
EG&G Optoelectronics
Miamisburg, OH 45343-0529

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Barry T. Neyer
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics
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Recently R. H. Thompson [1996] has performed simulation to study the performance of m+ks type analysis on the Bruceton test. He has derived a set of k-factors for the common all-fire levels and confidences for various sample sizes. This report performs similar analysis on the Neyer D-, c-, and S- Optimal and the Bruceton and Langlie tests. This effort shows that the m+ks analysis calculates reliable confidence values; as expected the k-factors are strongly dependent on the all-fire level, confidence level, and sample size. In addition, the k-factor is also strongly dependent on the test method and ratio of the population standard deviation to the estimate used to perform the test for both the Bruceton and Langlie tests, but is constant for the Neyer designs. This report also compares the variation of the m+ks all-fire levels obtained with each test method. The data show that there is much less variation for all-fire levels obtained with any of the Neyer designs than for the similar Bruceton and Langlie methods. The implications of this effort for testing of components will be discussed.

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