Proceedings of the Fifteenth Symposium on Explosives and Pyrotechnics, Essington, PA, April 1994.

Is the Distribution of Slapper Thresholds Symmetrical?

Barry T. Neyer
EG&G Mound Applied Technologies
Miamisburg, OH 45343-3000

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Barry T. Neyer
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics
1100 Vanguard Blvd
Miamisburg, OH 45342
(937) 865-5586
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We measured the symmetry of the distribution of slapper thresholds to determine if the distribution was symmetric about the mean. An asymmetric distribution would imply that the usual assumption of a normal distribution of thresholds would be in error, while a symmetric distribution would tend to confirm that assumption. We found no asymmetry of the distribution between the 10\% and 90\% points. Thus, we found no significant deviation from the assumption that the distribution of thresholds were distributed normally.

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